Production Status

Hi all. I will post production status with dates and any other info here to keep you informed of new products and release dates.

Thanks for visiting.

Friday the 13th! Hi all. We have not posted anything on this page in a long time. Mainly because we are posting most of our updates on Instagram and Facebook now. We had a slow 2017 and the beginning of 2018 but are picking up steam for the rest of this year. We just finished our 2nd Kickstarter for a new Multi-Tool and Tweezer Combo. Any left over from the batch will be posted on our site soon...we will starting a new Kickstarter in a few weeks for Titanium pens with a twist...come check it out in August. Otherwise, this page will not be updated anymore for the reasons above, you also will not see it the main menu above.
As always, thank you for your time.

Quick update, Choppers in steel have been restocked.

Happy New Year!

I have been working on becoming a vendor on amazon since the campaign has ended. They have a program for campaigns that have succeeded. I have worked with them on all the details and I have since sent some pens to get started. The way it works is they "test the waters" with a few pens by offering them at lower prices to get feedback and how popular they are to see if its an item they want to carry.

So, if anyone wants another pen or knows someone who is looking for one and wants to save a few bucks, go over and check out the listings today.

There are three listings on amazon now, one for each material (copper, aluminum and brass). I am still working with them to get the format correct but at this point the UPC number is the only way to tell which material it is. Moving forward that UPC code (like the one on the campaign pens) will be for aluminum only. I will update the listing but I have to wait for process approvals etc.

The two listings that show "out of stock" are being sent to amazon today, so they will be ready to ship out from them in a week or two.

So, the UPC codes are as follows:

606345714734 Aluminum 7075
606682527721 Brass 360
606682527738 Copper 145

So, this email is two being, pens are available now at discounted prices, the other being I could really use anyone's help who has a pen now and has an amazon account. You can submit a review without having to purchase the pen. That would show amazon some feedback on the pens, which is what they need to decide to move forward on more orders or not, which in turns helps my business and my family.

If you purchase one please let me know how the process went as I will try to improve the listing and experience better as time goes on, and of course I am still have them along with spares on my website now and can answer any questions.

In other news, Choppers on the way in a few weeks.

Thank you for your time

Hi all. Few things going on. I added some EDC keychain pens to the pens page, working on a new batch of Stainless Steel Choppers, planning a website update early next year, planning a few custom knives and working on some new prototypes. I hope everyone is doing well. There are still some tools left in stock now for stocking stuffers or small office gifts. Any firefighters in the family, check out the TT-Fire or TT-Axe. That's it for now. Thank you for your time.

Hi all. It's been a long time since my last update here. I have shipped all of the kickstarter pledges and am moving forward to load up some for sale here on this site. I am also working on a new batch of Stainless Steel Choppers and some beads. I am finishing up on some custom pen orders as well. I am hoping to get some knives in the works for early next year and also some new pens. Have some other ideas and plans as well just nothing solidified yet so I don't want to talk about them just yet. Thank you for your time.

Hi all. Haven't updated this page in a while. The keychain pen kickstarter setup has kept me very busy. I made extra tools knowing this was coming so there are still some in stock.
Well, back to work, this was just a quick update, thank you for your time.

Hi all. A couple of things to update you on.

Our kickstarter has ended and is moving in full force. I should have my machine in a week or two. However I am not waiting around. I have been getting my shop ready for it and tallying up material, inks, split rings, and o-rings for ordering, organizing all the kickstarter info and fulfilling custom orders. Also working on some graphics for the packaging. I have set up a page on my site here where you can still pre-order for October delivery at the pre-order prices. It is on this page.

Pocket tools - some are still available in very small remaining quantities. The only Ti Choppers left are the discounted ones and there are just a few.

That's it for now - thank you for your time.

Hi all. Just a few days left on my kickstarter, this one made it and its happening. I have already put a deposit on a machine and will be ordering the material and inks once the kickstarter is over. I have been re-arranging my shop and setting up a spot for the machine. Thank you to all of you who have pledged.
There are still tools in stock as well. Just a couple of Ti Choppers and the EMT's remaining. The other tools have a little more stock but diminishing. Thank you for your time. 

Hi all. Posted 3 tools, the Capper in Ti and a few new tools. Ti Choppers and Ti EMT tool in the works, a few weeks away at the most. 

Hi all. The re-launch of my keychain pen kickstarter will be starting today at 1pm EST. You can see it here. Thank you for your time.

Hi all. Kickstarter re-launch coming this Tuesday at 1pm EST. You can see the preview page here and even select to be notified when it goes live. Ti tools are just a few weeks away, a few older tools made in Ti like the Chopper and a few new ones. Thank you for your time and please check out the kickstarter.

Hi all. My kickstarter is gearing down - about 46 hours left. I tried for an aggressive goal to meet certain needs and being my first run through I learned a few things, and one of them was to not over estimate. So I will run another kickstarter, probably this one again and definitely some other products I would like to get moving. In the meantime, I do have a plan B that I am working on so if you do like the pens and wanted to back the project but wasn't sure about it meeting the goal, keep this in mind. I will be communicating with backers only about these pens so if I decide not to run the same campaign but I do want to make the pens, those backers will be notified first.
In other news, still have some skulls and zombies left, choppers are gone for now but I am looking to run a batch in Ti. I am currently making lots of 1-off items per requests like pens, screwdrivers, beads, whistles etc, so you would like one don't wait for me to post one, send me an email.
Thank you for your time.   

Hi all. Icey in my neck of the woods today. Down to just a couple of Choppers left on this latest batch. Will be doing a run if Ti next with a few new tools but I was thinking about running a small batch of Choppers in Ti, something I haven't done yet.

Hi all. Working on some beads to be posted soon. Choppers almost gone, skull stock dwindling on all gens, other tools still available. Just a little update. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Little update on my kickstarter. It is not growing as fast as I planned, so I added a statement (see below) explaining the reason for the high goal. I want to be clear because I think some people may think the goal is too high.

To be clear, this kickstarter is for equipment, a CNC machine with tooling to be exact. The goal level is set to the best of my calculations to cover the cost of the machine, tooling, and time is free and I am not looking to collect the cash and hand off the work to a machine shop. All the money is being invested into the business.

Thank you for your time

Hi all, just a quick note I reduced the prices on the Choppers due to the remaining stock has a few more light scratches and dings from the raw bar section that wasn't the prettiest...they function just fine, they just don't have a prefect finish. 

Hi all. Here is the big announcement...Today we launched out very first kickstarter project.
Here is the link:
Please check it out, tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell everyone!
In the meantime, we will be continuing on with tools and will be trying to get some new beads and lanyards out. There are still tools in stock, but dwindling.
Thank you for your time - its always appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all. We will have a big announcement in the new year on a new product, hopefully on January 1st, come back to see. We still have most tools in stock but diminishing quickly. Thank you for you time, enjoy the rest of your year.

Hi all. The holidays are coming fast and with our policy of shipping next business day on any orders received by 7pm EST you still have some time and we still have plenty of tool choices for you. In other news of upcoming stuff, we are working on running a few different Ti tools in the coming months and will be available at the beginning of 2016 as well as a Kickstarter campaign that we are building and are hoping to start at the end of this month. More info coming on that. Thank you for your time.

Wow! It's almost Thanksgiving. Time is sure flying. I just wanted to put up a post - working on some new stuff, some custom orders and I also wanted to mention that for our 1-Off type products such as the whistles, screwdrivers, pens, beads etc. if we don't have any currently listed and you want something, please email us - we do requests all the time. We can make something similar to what we have done, a new unique design or we can talk on how you would like it. That's it for now, thanks for your time.

Tools restocked.

Hi all. On time still for Friday for restocking. Thanks for your time.

Also we cut the price on the TT-Sixty-Nine by 25% for the remaining inventory and reduced the price on the TT-Syringe we have in stock on our pen page.

Looks like it won't be until Monday until I get all the tools back from Heat treat but I am still sticking with the 18th restock date. I will start updating the Pocket Tools page so when they are ready to post it won't take long.

Tools out to Heat Treat today. Should have them back by Friday I hope. If I do the 18th is still looking like a good date that they will all be relisted. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Just 2 TT-Hunters-Edge knives left if you were interested.
Tools update: We hope to have the Choppers, all Skulls, Zombies and a new tool up on our site by September 18th.
Other stuff: Still have some custom items available on our site and a few pocket tools. Big news coming soon, working on it now. That's about it for a mid-week update. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted the TT-Hunters-Edge knife today. I've had these for a while and finally got them done. I was back and forth on a few scale styles for it but I ultimately went with a hollowed out paracord wrap handle. Its a small batch. Tools getting close as well...right around the corner. Thanks for you time.

Hi all. TT-Pocket-Edges all gone. We have a small batch of a new design knife we made a long time ago and are finally finishing them up. Got half of them sheathed so it should be about another week or so. After that, tools are getting closer, more beads, another new knife and other new stuff. Thank you for your time.

Hi all. One TT-Pocket-Edge left in stock, then they will be history. Chopper, Skulls, Zombies, etc are moving forward, getting closer each day. We are pushing for second or third week in September. We have some new stuff coming very soon - will announce as we get closer. Also there are more 1-off type items available, pen and some screwdrivers. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Choppers, Zombies, Skulls, a new tool all in the milling process now, then heat treat. Hoping to have them all up on our site by the second week of September. There are just a few Keepers (price reduced), Pocket-Edges left. Sixty-Nines and Sporks were a bigger batch so not too low just yet. We also have some 1-off items in stock as well, a Tomahawk, a few screwdrivers, a few pens, a whistle, and a lanyard bead.

We are finally getting around to our next knife, wasn't sure what to do with the handles but we are testing out one right now...I've been carrying it everyday to run through its regular paces. We have a new knife design on the bench ready to go next. Pens...also testing and prototyping a new pen now, more info to come.

More Ti tools on the horizon as well.

Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted some new items today...whistle, pen, tomahawk, hammer and some lanyard beads. Pocket tools on track, new pen development and more. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Production is moving forward. Tools in stock are very low if you were waiting. We are listing a new axe today on the Lanyards page and there are also some 1-Off screwdrivers still available and a Syringe Pen. Release dates will be posted once we get a little closer. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Quick update. Tools mentioned in the last post in progress, tools currently available on our site along with some 1-Off type products (pens and screwdrivers) and some new designs on the horizon. We still have a small batch of Knives that need to be finished from a while back, going to try to get those done soon and we also have a new knife design that will be available in the fall. There are still more Pocket-Edges available now - they are the last of the last run we will do (if not forever, then at least a very long time) if you wanted one - don't wait. Working on some new items too that fall under the 1-Off category along with trying to keep up with requests. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Just restocked a handful of TT-Sporks (spooned), there is one TT-Cyclops left, more TT-Pocket-Edges, TT-Sixty-Nines, and a few TT-Keepers left. There are a few TT-Screwdrivers in stock and a TT-Syringe still available. I will post restock dates as I get closer for the other tools coming. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted a new screwdriver today. One TT-Cyclops left in stock and other tools dwindling. New/restocked tools coming. New pen soon as well and more. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Finally getting started on some tools - will be a bit before they are available but moving forward. Skulls, choppers, zombies and some new stuff. Also we still have a pen available if anyone is interested and some tools left. Today we posted a new 1-Off screwdriver, check it out on our 1-Offs page when you get a chance. That's it for now...lots coming.

Hi all. Unrelated to Pocket Tools just wanted to let anyone interested to know that I have put my book, Eviction Earth up for free for a limited time (until this coming Tuesday). Its free for kindle download on amazon until 04-14-15 and always free for kindleunlimited subscribers. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. We are back, trying to pick up and finish some custom orders and get back to finalizing some new designs as well as getting some restocks started. We will try to get some more TT-Sporks (spoon style) back in stock this week as well as maybe some beads. Keepers, Cyclops and Sixty-Nines are all getting low, don't wait if you want one. TT-Pocket-Edges are also available but limited in quantity. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some spring weather. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Still not fully back at it just yet. Still have a family issue we are dealing with. New tools and restocks will be delayed a bit further. Hoping to get back in the shop next week but not 100% sure just yet. Tools on our site now are available and shipping daily we are just not producing too much right now. So, we have not fallen off the face of the Earth - we are still here. Thanks for your time. 

Happy Holidays and happy new year to all. We will be continuing our 40% off sale until the end of the month, only small quantities left of most tools, next year restocks of older tools and new stuff. Have a safe holiday and new year.

Hi all. In the spirit of the holidays we are leaving our prices right where they are for the rest of 2014. We are hoping to clear the shelves to make room for new designs starting in keep us in mind for stocking stuffers :) Happy Holidays

Hi all. We have had a tough couple of weeks but we are back and trying to get in the swing of things. Because we missed having our Halloween sale we have decided to have a new sale. It's not a "Black Friday", or "Cyber Monday" but instead "Cyber Week". Starting in a few hours we are reducing prices by 40% for a week. Happy Holidays!

Hi all. Something personal has come up and we will not be having the Halloween sale tomorrow. We will have a sale soon. Thank you.

Hi all. Just a heads up on a "scary" sale on Halloween. We'll be SLASHING prices! Tell anyone who may be interested - we need to clear out our existing stock to make room for new stuff. 

Hi all.
Haven't posted in a while. Working away on some new ideas and products along with filling some custom orders. Some tools are still in stock, some a little lower then others. I was thinking of doing a run of skulls, all of them. Still have some knives coming and some more whistles, pens etc. Posted a bunch of lanyard beads last week and some are still available. Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. We have decided to extend our Labor Day Sale just a few more days. 

Hi all. We just had a small sale a few days ago on one tool but this coming labor day weekend we will be having a sale across the entire site. The sale will be all day Sunday and Monday. Everything on our site will be reduced for two days. Thanks for you time.

Hi all. Having a ONE DAY SALE tomorrow on the TT-Cyclops. 30% off. This tool has a great feature, the built in Philips head. It's machined in and the whole tool is hardened. Its the most used feature on the one that I carry daily.

Hi all. Grinding away on a batch of hunting/EDC style knives. Couple of Pocket-Edges left in stock and the next wave after that will be a few weeks out. Other tools dwindling but still available at the moment. Some custom pens to make and a few Tomahawks, then back to tools with some new designs. That's it for now, thanks for your time.

Next wave of TT-Pocket-Edges in stock. Will be working on some other knives, pens, tools, and beads in the next few days. Thanks for your time.

Restocked a few more TT-Spork (Spoon)

Hi all. All orders received between 7-19-14 and 7-27-14 will be shipped on 7-28-14. Will have some TT-Sporks restocked tomorrow. Working on sharpening and sheathing some Pocket-Edges, some pens, beads, and getting ready for some new designs.
New TT-Chopper pics added on the Pocket Tools page. This batch has been bead blasted and stone washed. Paypal buttons will be added tomorrow morning.

Choppers and Pocket-Edges back in my hands and they will get bead blasted and then a weekend of tumbling. I will have the Choppers back in stock on Monday as indicated on the pocket tools page and will be working on sharpening and sheathing the pocket-edges next week to release at least some on 7-28-14. Grinding some other knives to next week and more pen production and other stuff. Other new and restocked tools coming soon. Thanks for your time. Have a nice weekend.

Hi all. Choppers and Pocket-Edges are at heat treat. I hope to get them back tomorrow or Thursday. In the meantime I am grinding a small batch of a new knives that I have been meaning to get to, working on pens, beads, and more. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Choppers and Pocket-Edges still on schedule. They should be off to heat treat next week. Got a new review from Everyday Commentary on the TT-Sporks, you can read it here. All other projects still moving forward, slowly but surely. Thanks for your time...have a great 4th of July.

Hi all. Posted some new beads today.

Hi all. Moving to the next operation on Choppers and Pocket-Edges so still on schedule. Added a new Stinger tactical pen to the pens page today with a military style to it.

Hi all. Added some more TT-Sporks (spoon-shape) into stock. I have more to bend but got a few back up there. Should have another pen in the available section of the Pens page by Monday as well. Have a good one - thank you for your time.

Hi all. Plugging away on Choppers and Pocket-Edges, pens, new tools and more. I put some real dates for restocks under each of their descriptions (Choppers, Pocket-Edges, and Sporks (spooned)). If the dates change I will change them there but these dates look pretty good as it stands now. Other pocket tools are still available on the pocket tools page as well as one pen. Some of the pocket tools will not get restocked. At this point I am concentrating fully on getting the Choppers and Pocket-Edges done as well as the next knife before moving to any other new tools. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Really trying to get the Choppers and Pocket-Edges restocked, I am making a very large batch so its taking a while but I am getting closer. I will keep the page updated for the closest date as I get closer. In the meantime, there are still some tools in stock, the stocks are all dwindling daily, TT-7-10 being the lowest. The Capper is a great item to keep on your hat for the summer to pop a cold one. Pens, working on them daily down my list of reserved ones. I did post an aluminum Stinger on the pens page yesterday. I have the two models out now and I am working on another. Next set of new style tools are being developed, a new knife/tool is mostly done. More beads on the way, and more. Thanks for your time and if anyone ever has a question, comment or concern you can email me anytime...I answer all emails. 

Hi all. First, thank you to all of the brave men and women who are now serving and have served in our armed forces for all of their dedication and sacrifice to keep America free. Truly, thank you.
Second, we are announcing a weekend sale. Any and all items currently available on our website will be marked 25% off from 11pm tonight to 11pm Memorial Day. The discount will show up when adding the item to your cart. That's it. Have a great weekend and thank you for your time.

Hi all. Working away on Choppers and Pocket-Edges, pens and other items. Thinking this weekend would be a good weekend for a sale. More info tomorrow.

Hi all. Choppers and Pocket-Edges still moving forward. Its a big batch so taking some time. Working on pens as well. Making more Syringes and Stingers and working the third pen in the family. Trying to get to some more Hammers and Tomahawks that folks are waiting for and have some new knives and pocket tools to bring to reality. Other exciting news, couple of current tools will be featured on Massdrop starting tomorrow. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Quick update. Got the next Tactical Pen done, The Stinger. I have posted info on it on the Pens page. I also posted one TT-Dino I had left on the 1-Offs page. Choppers and Pocket-Edges moving forward, followed by more new tools and hopefully some knives. Thanks for your time.

Here is the link to the sale page with all the details. Also the TT-Sporks will be up tomorrow as well. Thanks for your time.

Trying for another sale this Friday...maybe to last for the week. Then a new one the Friday after.

Looking for some ideas for another tracking on orders for a few days, price reduction, ???
I'm open to ideas. email if you've got one.
Plenty of tools left in stock, except Zombies and 7-10s getting low. Sporks are done and just about ready...trying to get the finish as possible. Ti is tricky. Also working on a new pen and some pen requests, tomahawks, hammers, and knives.

Hi all. Trying something new tomorrow. We will be having our first sale, a "Make Good Friday a 'GOOD' Friday" sale. From midnight tonight until midnight on Good Friday we are offering a free TT-Tweezer or TT-Thumbdrive with the purchase of any two tools while supplies last. Purchase any two tools and at check out specify if you would like a Tweezer or a Thumbdrive. We will announce here if supplies run out on the tweezers or thumbdrives so check here first.Thank you for your time.

Hi all. Curious how you would prefer a TT-Spork. 

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Hi all. Got a bunch of irons in the fire, sporks getting "spooned" (trying to finalize my setup) and tumbled soon, choppers and pocket-edges on the way, new knife getting closer, more dinos coming, new pen, EMT tool, and more beads, tomahawks and hammers. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted a new lanyard bead today. Working on requested pens and a new custom twist style pen, prototype is done and I am working on making another one for pics and to post. Sporks are sitting waiting for me to shape them, I will offer them in curved (spoon-shape) and flat. Knives, I am getting ready to start doing all of the bevel grinds, I'm a bit behind on those but getting closer. Working on other new tool designs, pen designs and more. Thanks for your time.

The TT-Sixty-Nine is in stock with its new thinner profile. The shape and function is exactly the same as the first version except it is now 0.080" thick for easier split ring attachment. TT-Sporks are next in a about a week or two, more pens, knives, whistles and of course tools. There are still plenty of tools in stock. Have some new designs on the way this summer as well. Thanks for your time.

Taxes behind me and back to the fun. Posted a new lanyard bead today, got another customer pen done and have more stuff on the way. Some tools still in stock and ready to go. TT-69s back tomorrow, got an Emergency tool on the way, and much more. That's it for now...Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Quick notes: The TT-69 will be back by the end of the week I hope and I put it on a diet and made it thinner this time around for easier split ring applications. After that the new TT-Sporks will be up on the site, then more Dinos, Choppers, Pocket-Edges and another knife. Probably more skulls after that. I will post some new info on my new tactical pen, the "Syringe", followed by another new pen...both made from solid bar stock. That's it for now...Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. Getting closer to new items, Sporks and Tactical pens and more...more TT-69's on the way with a thinner profile to ease adding split rings...getting closer on new knife/tool and restocking the Pocket-Edge...just a bunch of stuff brewing with some closer than others but I am hoping to start posting them soon. In the meantime, still have tools in stock, some may return some won't. Got more lanyards, tomahawks, hammers, etc planned as well. Thanks for your time and patients.

Hi all. Quick update, TT-Choppers are out of stock for now, Tweezers-BT are down to two in stock, Tweezers are also almost out, Cyclops, 7-10, Zombies, and Cappers all still in stock and are dwindling as well. Working on new tools and restocks now along with other new products and 1-Off type items. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted a new tomahawk in the lanyards page today. Plenty of tools left in stock, working on new tools, knives, whistles and pens. Slow going but not too far off. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted a new Whistle today. More stuff on the way. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Quick update...back on knives. I have a small batch of the next gen of Pocket-Edge's, though I will be making more of the first generation, mostly done and will be going to heat treat in a week or two. I have finished my gen 1 tactical pen prototypes in brass, aluminum and copper, just need to finish the clips and I will get pics out and some time frame for them. Choppers are almost gone, just a few in stock right now. Tweezers are very low also. More Tomahawks, whistles, bead etc also on the way. That's it for now - thanks for you time.

Hi all. Some new tools are underway along with some restocks. The new tool/knife has been sitting for a while and I am planning to get them done very soon and I will be doing a run of the Pocket-Edge as well. New tactical pens are still in prototype stage, I have made a brass and aluminum one, now I just want to make one more in copper and I will be moving forward on those. I will be working on also getting some more Tomahawks, lanyard beads, whistles and kit style pens done as well. Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. Posted a new pen and another one coming tomorrow. Another smooth click style, this time with a brass body. That's it for now. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Just posted a few new pens, another cap style and smooth click style, both with polished aluminum body's. That's it for now. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Hope the new year is going great so far. I will be making more beads, tomahawks, whistles and pens in addition to all the pocket tool restocks and new tools. I have one more 1-Off knife to finish and a batch of the new Pocket-Edge to get to.
Also, I wanted to remind everyone about this offer. It's a great cause, please take me up on it and help out these families. Thanks for your time.

Happy New Year. Starting out this new year of 2014 I have added pens to the TT family of pocket tools and knives. I will be making some kit pens, modified kit pens and complete customs. The first one has been posted today. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Just posted the next 1-Off custom knife. I have one more left from the batch I made some time ago, will try to get that done before the new year. Still plenty of tools available in stock, the TT-Tweezers-BT's and TT-Sixty-Nine's are the lowest with just a few left. I hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy holiday and new year. Thank you for your time.

Hi all. I just posted the restocks of the TT-Chopper, TT-Keeper, TT-Zombie and the new steel TT-Capper (G3). I did have to raise the prices a bit due to the rising costs of everything. I will try to hold future batches to this price or go less if I can. I always try to offer the best price for a quality tool. I use the best materials, best processes and try to give them the best finishes. Like any good tool, taken care of and used properly these tools will last a lifetime and then some. Thanks for your time.

Choppers, Keepers, Zombies and Cappers at heat treat...should get them back late tomorrow then some finishing up and hopefully I will get them ready for Monday. Got one whistle left and there is a key chain "club" still available along with some other pocket tools. Thanks for your time. 

Next batch of tools on schedule. New "club" posted today. 

Finally posted up the next 1-Off custom knife

Hi all. Added a new Tomahawk today on the lanyards page and have to just sheath the next 1-Off knife so maybe tomorrow on that or Thursday latest. That's all. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Time is flying by. Trying real hard to get the next tools ready, TT-Chopper, TT-Keeper, TT-Zombie, and the next gen of the TT-Capper. I am aiming for the first week in December, it may be at the end of that week but that's where I'm at right now with those. I am also trying to get the last few 1-Off knives I have left done, hopefully one this week and a few more Tomahawks. In the meantime, there are still some tools available now along with a few whistles. Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. I have posted another Tomahawk on the lanyards page. Down to just one or two of the TT-Sixty-Nine, TT-Cyclops, TT-7-10, and the TT-Simple with cutter. About a handful of the TT-Simples without cutter still available. Still trying to get a few 1-Offs knives I have left done, got choppers, keepers, zombies and cappers coming next and more other stuff. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Just a quick update. Choppers, Keepers, Zombies, and a steel version of the Capper are looking good for the end of this month. New knives coming as well. Dino, Sixty-Nine, Cyclops, Simple (with cutter), 7-10 and the tweezers are all getting low. Once gone they won't be back in stock by the holidays if you were looking for one as a gift. That's it for now. Thanks for your time.

Posted new tools today. More tools coming soon.

New review from Everyday Commentary for the TT-69

Hi all. Next week I will be releasing three tools in Stainless Steel. Two are restocks of older tools and one new one. The TT-7-10, TT-Simple and the new one the TT-Cyclops. I will get them posted most likely Monday but it may be Tuesday. After that I will be restocking TT-Choppers, TT-Keepers, TT-Zombies and TT-Cappers (G3 - steel this time not Ti) by mid to late November.
Still in stock are the TT-Dino, TT-69, TT-Thumb-Drive, TT-Tweezers and a few 1-Off whistles and beads. I have a few more 1-Off knives I will get out before the holidays set in and speaking of the holidays - don't wait until last minute if you wanted to give a TTPockeTTools items for a gift.
I have been making small key chain items like the little "Tomahawks" and "Clubs", they don't serve a purpose as a tool, they are just key chain "eye candy". Let me know if you are interested in one of those. You can see all of my past work here. The page has a lot of pics so be prepared for that. I have them separated by type and from oldest to newest, top to bottom.
That's it for now. Have a great weekend and thank you for your time.

Hi all. I posted a new "Club" key chain item today. New tools out to heat treat today so looking good for new tools next Monday. Restocks coming after that. Still Ti tools left but dwindling and a couple of whistles on the 1-Off page. Couple more knives to come and much more. Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. Just a little update on tools and things...restock and new tools will be going to heat treat next week and I should have them up on the site the week after that. These tools are the TT-7-10, TT-Simple and a new tool called the TT-Cyclops. After that I will be restocking the TT-Choppers, TT-Keepers and probably the TT-Cappers. There are a couple of whistles left in stock along with some Ti tools and a few lanyards beads. I have a few more 1-Off knives to get done in the next month and I will have more key chain "clubs" and "tomahawks" as well. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Added another "club" key chain lanyard this morning. Still going strong on new tools, next 1-Off knife and more stuff. Other tools and whistles still available. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Added another "club" key chain lanyard this morning. Working on getting the next 1-Off knife ready, making more Tomahawks and getting next steel tools ready.

Good morning. Added another "club" style key chain lanyard today. Have a good one and thanks for your time.

Good morning. Added another "club" style key chain lanyard today and I should have some more "Tomahawks" by the end of the week. Have a good one and thanks for your time.

Hi all. I have added the next 1-Off custom knife on the 1-Offs page and a new "club" style key chain eye candy to the lanyards page. Getting closer on the new steel tools and the Ti tools are still available but stock is dwindling. Whistles still available and some lanyard beads. Thanks for you time.

Hi all. Just posted two more damascus "Tomahawks" to the lanyards page. They are all hand made one of a kind items. I will have the next one off knife up by this Monday. There are still plenty of tools, whistles and lanyard beads in stock now and more on the way. Thanks for your time - enjoy the weekend.

Introduced the next Ti tool today - the TT-Dino available now on the pocket tools page.

Hi all. Added another Tomahawk and a few beads on the lanyards page. This week, I am aiming to post some new Ti tools, another 1-Off knife, more "Tomahawks" and "Clubs" and more brass beads. Whistles, Tweezers and other items still in stock. Thanks for your time.

Good morning all. Today I have posted a few new key chain items on the Lanyards page in brass and damascus. There are 2 TT-Skulls G1 left in stock, several Ti tools, a few beads, and some 1-Offs. Whistles are a needed items for hunters if you know any that don't carry one now and are looking for a one-of-a-kind type. New Steel tools are getting real close and the Ti tool is even closer. Should also have another 1-Off knife this week - just need to sheath it. Still moving forward on the TT-Pocket-Edge G2 just haven't had much time for them but they are on the horizon. That's it for now - thanks for your time.

Hi all. Added a few more beads today in Metallic blue. The next 1-Off knife is almost done, should be ready for next week...there is one available now. Three steel tools and one Ti tool are getting closer - a few more weeks for those. I had to raise the shipping prices on non-USA orders. I can't control that and I've been letting it go for a while. Also I will have to raise the prices a bit on new tools coming out from here on out due to materials and other costs. I strive to give a great tool at a great price and aim for the lowest prices I can do but some things are just out of my control. The tool prices for tools on the website now will not change just new listings after that. Thanks for you time.  

For this Friday the 13th I have posted a few new beads. The latest 1-Off knife is still available along with some 1-Off whistles. A few skulls are left, tweezers-bt's have been restocked, the other tweezers, 69, and thumb drive still available, and new tools on the way. 

Good morning. I have posted the last 2 TT-Cappers on the 1-Offs page, they are available in a combo pack.

Well I didn't get the 1-Off knife ready for the end of last week but it is posted now on the 1-Offs page. The TT-Tweezers-BT have been restocked. TT-Skulls are down to just a few. I will get started on the next 1-Off knife right away - try for this week again. Also more 1-Off whistles to come, there are still a few for sale now. Got more tools on the way in steel and Ti. Thanks for your time.

Added some new beads. 1-Off knife later this week.

Hi all. I didn't get the 1-Off knife done yet but end of this week shouldn't be a problem. I've got a few more beads I'll be posting tomorrow. TT-Cappers, and TT-Skulls are almost gone, TT-Tweezer-BT are out but I will have them restocked by next week. TT-Tweezers are still available though. Got a few beads left now along with a few 1-Off brass whistles as well. New tools getting closer. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. I have added a few new lanyard beads today. I've been trying to get back to the remaining 1-Off knives with not much luck though yesterday I got the handles started for the next one and should have it ready in a day or two...then I will try to get right on the next one. I have been also working on some cool new brass and damascus key chain items...1-off kind of stuff. 1-Off whistles are still available. The Cappers stock is getting low along with the skulls. Tweezers are still available as well, but once this batch is gone I most likely will not make them again. New steel tools on the way along with one more new Ti tool. That's about it for now. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted up two new Ti tools today on the pocket tools page.

Hi all. Trying to get the next Ti tool up by this weekend or early next week. I will get these beads posted tomorrow. Got another new Ti tool coming in a month plus three other stainless steel tools. Have a handful of 1-Off knives that need handles and sheaths, just have to get to them. In the meantime, in stock there are cappers (getting low), tweezers and a few 1-Off whistles.

TT PockeTTools is proud to help out Team Last Ditch Effort Gear in raising money for The Wounded Warrior Project. They will be competing in the Tough Mudder Challenge this Sat (08-24-13) in the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder as team Last Ditch Effort Gear

Hi all. Been working on getting together the next new Ti tools, get some new beads made up, some new whistles and the next 1-Off finished. All coming soon along with more new and restocked steel tools. Have more Skulls left but getting low, tweezers and cappers still available and a few brass whistles. Just a quick update. Thanks for you time. 
NOTE: Any orders received between August 14-21, 2013 will be shipped on August 22, 2013.

TT-Cappers back in stock. This batch has been tumbled and has been hand sanded on the flat sides and has a nice stone wash finish on the rest of it, giving it a great old tool look.

Hi all. Happy Friday. Another update, I have added another 1-Off-Whistle (07) and a discounted TT-Chopper, both on the 1-Offs page. Also there is one regular TT-Chopper left in stock and just a couple of TT-Keepers. TT-Skulls and Tweezers are reducing in stock size as well. Cappers will be restocked Monday. That's it. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Can't believe its August already. Just a quick update here. The Choppers and Keepers are down to just a couple left, tweezers and skulls (g1) stock is getting low as well. Cappers will be restocked this Monday morning. I've got another 1-Off Whistle for tomorrow, with more to come after that. Next 1-Off knife is looking like a week or so away. New Ti tool coming out later next week, with one more coming after that. Stainless tools are planned for this fall, more beads and other stuff as well. That's it for now. Thank you for your time.

I finished the next 1-Off knife yesterday and posted it just now. There are still a few whistles left if you're interested. I also posted a new lanyard bead as well. That's it for now. Thank you for your time.

Whistles posted.

Hi all. I've got a few 1-Off Whistles that I will post today. They are turned by hand (no CNC) from a solid brass bar and the rest is made by hand. Each one is different and the fipple plug is also solid brass and pressed in. The 1-Off knife that I wanted to get posted today is not quite ready so I need another day or two. If I get it done today I will post it tomorrow - otherwise it will be Wednesday. I will be making more lanyard beads as well and more whistles. TT-Capper restock is getting closer along with new tools in steel and Ti. A few more 1-Off knives to come yet also. TT-Chopper, TT-Keepers and TT-Skulls are getting pretty low. Zombies are gone.
NOTE: Any orders received between July 24-31, 2013 will not ship until August 1, 2013.

Hi all. Just about got the 1-Off knife done and a few whistles. Choppers, Keepers, Zombies and Skulls are getting pretty low. I will be doing two more new Ti tools next and then back to stainless steel but some new tools and a few older restocks but the not the ones I mentioned above. I will most likely restock the choppers keepers and maybe a zombie G2 but not until the other ones are done. So I just wanted to mention that because even though its hot as you know what out there fall shopping will hit before you know it. So if you wanted to get any of those things for someone you know you may not want to wait. There are about 5 choppers with cutters left now as an example. That's about it for now. Thanks for you time.

Hi all. I've been working on the next 1-Off and a handful of brass whistles. Should have the next 1-Off up on or before Monday and some whistles and more lanyard beads as well. More Ti tools coming and some steel as well. Just a quick update. Hope everyone is keeping as cool as possible.

Hi all. Added a new lanyard bead this morning. I have the next 1-Off knife ready and will post it midday (EST). Getting low on quantities of Choppers, Keepers, Skulls, and Tweezers...Cappers restock is coming soon. There is one Capper Combo available on the 1-Offs page. That's it for now. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Last week was a little slow in production. I took some time to organize some things. This week I will have another 1-Off knife. I have a few left and I will try to get back on the "one per week" schedule for those knives. Also I am working on whistles, tools and beads, making more Cappers, a couple more new Ti tools, and the next Pocket-Edge. For the fall I would like to get a couple new stainless steel tools out along with a restock of the TT-7-10. That's it for now. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Posted a new lanyard and a review on the TT-Skull Gen 1. Keeping busy. Still have most of the tools in stock, working on new stock, new tools, whistles and knives. Thanks for your time.

Hi all. Added a few lanyard beads today. Still have all tools in stock, working on new tools, whistles, and 1-Offs.

Killer Kowalczyk posted a youtube review of the TT-Zombie. Working on some new beads, the next 1-Off, some whistles (you can see one on my Instagram), new tool development, making stock and some new hats. Metric TT-Choppers gone but SAE TT-Choppers are still available along with TT-Keepers, TT-Tweezers, TT-Cappers, TT-Zombies, TT-Skulls and some TT-Lanyards. That's it for now, thanks for your time.

TT-Choppers, TT-Keepers, & TT-Zombies back in stock.

Changed the restock date on the chopper keeper and zombies...need one more day.

Added some TT-Lanyards.

Hi all. Just wanted to mention the next 1-Off will not be this week. I should be getting tools back from heat treat today or tomorrow and I will be getting those ready and I am working on some other projects/prototypes/tools at the moment so I didn't get to a 1-Off knife this week. I will be trying for next and another the week after. Thanks for you time.

Hi all. I have added some new tools in Ti on the pocket tools page. Choppers, Keepers and Zombies have been dropped at Heat Treat. Still on schedule for the re-stock date.

Quick update. I won't be posting a 1-Off this week. Ti tools will most likely be up early next week.

Should have the Ti tools ready and posted this week and the Chopper, Keeper and Zombies will be going to heat treat next week. Still have TT-Skulls (Gen 1) left in stock and some lanyards. Going to try to get another 1-Off done for this week but it will be late in the week if I get it done. If I don't I will post an update. That's it for now - thanks for your time.

Posted the next 1-Off knife

Quick note. A customer from Canada mentioned to me that he put the USPS customs number that I provide when sending Non-USA packages into the Canada Post Website and he was able to track the package to his door. Just thought I would pass that along.

Hi all. I posted a few new TT-Lanyards in bronze and I have a 1-Off ready to go and will post it tonight. That's it for now - thanks for your time.

Hi all. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Quick update: The next 1-Off will be up late tomorrow. Will have a few new TT-Lanyards up tomorrow as well.

Hi all. Trying to get TT-Skulls and TT-Zombies back in stock by June 17th. This time 3/4 of the TT-Zombies will have the box cutter option. Also on that date TT-Keepers will be available. Three Ti tools will be up sooner than that followed by two more Ti tools then to the TT-Pocket-Edge (gen 2) and more after that. TT-Skulls (gen 1) are available now along with a few TT-Lanyards. The next 1-Off will be up next week. I'm messing around with some other new stuff as well. Thanks for your time.

Posted the next 1-Off knife.

Good morning. I will be posting the next 1-Off knife later on today. I added a new jacket pull on the lanyards page and I also wanted to mention that I had to raise the Non-USA shipping charge, can't really help that.

Didn't quite finish the next 1-Off the knife and bead done...just have to make the sheath later today, get some pics and I will post it tomorrow. TT-Skulls G1 are still in stock - dwindling but still available along with some TT-Lanyards. The next generation TT-Pocket-Edge is pretty near where I want it - I will make a small first batch and probably put some spine file work on them just as a "first run" batch. That's it for now.

Happy Friday to all. I was messing with some new stuff yesterday and didn't get to finishing the next 1-Off custom knife. It will be up Monday. Added a few more testimonials and an In-Action pic, working on a bunch of tools, knives, beads and other cool stuff. Have a great weekend. In case you haven't seen my new Instagram page check it out I will be posting informal pics...some stuff that I haven't listed yet.

Good morning. I added a few more beads to the Lanyards page with your choice of paracord where specified. That's it - thanks for your time.

Added a few TT-Lanyards. TT-Zombies gone but restocking is underway along with TT-Choppers. I will post some dates next to the "sold" words on the pocket tools page once I get better feel for an actual date. Working on the next 1-Off and TT-Skulls G1 are still available, though stock is shrinking. Thanks for your time.

Had someone order an extra zombie by mistake - posted as sold out but there is actually one left so I changed it back
**Update** Sold out of Zombies now. I am restocking them now and they will be ready in a few weeks. Choppers G1 are still available.

Hi all. Couple of new things this week.
I am working on the next 1-Off custom knife, should be ready by Friday. Been making some Lanyard beads also and will be posting some all this week starting tomorrow.
Everyday Commentary did a review on the TT-Zombie
Also, Frank turned me on to a cool little thing called Instagram that I am still trying to figure out but I will post a lot of informal product pics there - stuff on the work bench or soon-to-be-posted stuff. Follow me there if you like or just check it out - its a cool app - thanks Frank :)

Good morning. Posted the next 1-Off custom knife.

Hi all. Beautiful Friday around here today. I finished the next 1-Off fixed knife last night but the pictures didn't come out so great so I am going to take advantage of the bright blue sky today and get some pics later in the day. I'll see if I can get it posted tomorrow morning. I'll try to get a few more beads posted as well.
Things happening next: More 1-Off knives, Ti Tools (2 new ones first then 2 news ones to follow), TT-Chopper restock (including a few metric versions), TT-Zombies restock (almost out now), TT-Keepers (making a small batch), TT-Pocket-Edge (Gen 2), and more key chain lanyards in different styles (copper, damascus, wood, combos of materials, etc).
Tools still in stock: TT-Skulls (gen 1), TT-Zombies, TT-Lanyards, TT-T-Shirts available as well.
Thanks for your time - have a great weekend.   

Next 1-Off knife posted.

Hi all. Couple of things...I have posted a few new TT-Lanyards and I have added four more paracord colors on the options page for pocket tool lanyards. Later today I will be posting another 1-Off custom fixed knife. I am aiming for adding one per week, I tried to get them out faster but a week seems to be a more accurate time frame. I've got a little less then a dozen now and will be making more in a few months. Thanks for your time. 

Hi all. Quick update. Still going on new Ti tools, getting closer. The 1-Off I wanted to post today isn't quite finished but will be soon and I'm starting on the next one. I am also working on a restock of the TT-Chopper, an older tool, playing with some other ideas, working on a new multitool/knife, and I've got some more lanyards coming. TT-Skulls (gen 1), TT-Zombies are both still in stock, a couple TT-Lanyards are still available and there is one TT-Pocket-Edge left in stock. That's it, have a good one and thanks for your time.  

Hi all. Added a lanyard bead today in Woodland camo (pics aren't the best but its a cool bead), finally got another of the 1-Off knives finished with the next one a day or two behind it. I am aiming to continue that pattern until they are all done. I will try to post the one I have done later today. Its a friction folder with S30V steel, G10 and burl wood. I am moving forward still on Ti tools and will be restocking the TT-Choppers as well. Have a good one and thanks for your time.

Hi all. Still waiting for Spring around here. Working on 1-Offs still - had a few delays but moving forward. In the meantime just a quick stock update: 1 TT-Chopper left in stock, half dozen TT-Pocket-Edges, some TT-Lanyards, and plenty of Skulls G1 and Zombies still. I added a new lanyard today. That's it. Have a good one. 

Added a few key chain items on the lanyards page

Hi all. Down to just a few TT-Choppers left in stock, couple of TT-Pocket-Edges as well. Still enough TT-Zombies to go around and also TT-Skulls (gen 1). In regards to the TT-Skull (gen 1) I have taken the remaining ones that I have and gave them all a stone wash finish...see the new pics (with white background) on the pocket tools page. Working on new tools, lanyards and 1-Offs. Have a nice weekend everyone...opening day for Fishing this weekend. 

Hi all. Still going on 1-Offs and tools but listed a few lanyards today and will add a few more later on today. Thanks for your time.

TT-Skulls Gen 2 and 3 gone. TT-Skulls (Gen 1) still available along with some TT-Lanyards, TT-Zombies, TT-Pocket-Edges, and TT-Choppers. 1-Offs are back to the front followed by some Ti tools then maybe bringing back some older ones with improvements/variations.

Added some TT-Lanyards

Hi all. I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Easter with friends and family.
Just a few quick notes...(1) TT-Skull g2 left, (2) TT-Skulls g3 left, and TT-Pocket-Edges last handful left. I will be posting a bunch of TT-Lanyards today...made some aluminum beads with some color. Ti tools moving forward, some new tool development going on, will be making more lanyards and will be finally getting back to finishing some 1-Off knives. Weeded through some emails and updated the Testimonials page as well. That's it - thanks for your time.

Hi everyone. Just restocked the TT-Pocket-Edge's and one with a Coyote Brown sheath. Down to (4) TT-Skulls (Gen 3) and not much more Gen 2's. I also put a link on the home page going to a page called Testimonials, displaying some comments from customers. If anyone has a comment they would like me to add just send it over. The Free Sticker deal is still going on, looking for some "in-action" shots (see info below). Got more new tools in the works made from Ti and more in development.
On another note, I just wanted to remind everyone that I respond to every email sent, so if anyone ever has a question about anything TT at all, please send me an email. 
Thanks for your time. 

Hi everyone. I have posted some TT-Choppers with a new finish and also a new tool, the TT-Zombie. 

Posted a few lanyards

Hi everyone,
Got some cool pics - posted on the "in-action" page, check them out. Got the TT-Pocket-Edge's all sharpened, just need to make the sheaths then they'll be ready. Also got the TT-Choppers and the new tool back from heat treat, working on a new finish for them. I was going to do a stone wash but I want to try an acid stone wash, I think that would look cool. Got some other cool stuff in the works and also see the free sticker offer below. Thanks for your time.  

One 3/16" Damascus TT-Chopper left.

**Free Sticker Giveaway**

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for some great pics of TT PockeTTools in action for the "In-Action" page of this site. I am offering a free bumper sticker of my logo (the non-worn version) on the front page, the circle one. It's 3" round. It can be stuck on your car, truck, tool box...wherever. I have a bunch but I will limit it to 25 at a time for time constraints. 

So, here's the offer:
One sticker per person.
Email me one (or more if you want) picture of your TT PockeTTool "in action" in jpg format with a minimum width size of 750 by whatever height and good quality. Get creative if you want or just a regular pic is great too. Please include the address you would like it sent to and please let me know if you want your name posted next to the picture. If you don't tell me "list me name with picture" then I will not put your name. When I get to 25, I will post on this page to not send any more until I'm ready to get to the next 25.  So please check here first before sending your picture.
That's it. Thanks. 

Please email me first for a number in case I can't update this page and get too many at once. I want to make sure everyone who sends a pics gets a sticker. 

Should be getting tools back from heat treat today. Sharpening and sheathing TT-Pocket-Edges. TT-Chopper- Damascus tools left - (1) 1/4" and (2) 3/16". Probably won't do the TT-Choppers in Damascus again for a while - maybe a different tool down the road. That's it for now - have a good day.

Hi everyone. I should be getting the TT-Choppers back from heat treat tomorrow, then I have to finish them up...going to try a stone wash this time. Also have a new tool that will be ready at the same time. I have a couple of other new tools coming up after that made from Ti. I will be sharpening and sheathing the last round of TT-Pocket-Edges. Got a bunch of TT-Lanyards I have to post. Skulls gen 2 and 3 are down to just a couple - still quite a few skulls 1 left. Got a couple Damascus TT-Choppers left. Plus I have a bunch of 1-Offs left that I have to put handles on. I think that's it for now. Thanks for your time.   

Posted a discounted TT-Chopper Damascus on the 1-Off page today as well. It has an undersized box wrench. 

Made a small batch of TT-Choppers in Damascus - listed on the pocket tools page.

Hi all. The TT-Choppers and a new tool will be off to heat treat this week and back to me next week for some finish work then they will be ready. Trying to get some beads done, sharpen and sheath more TT-Pocket-Edge's, getting some Ti stuff into reality and hopefully get to some more 1-Offs that are waiting for handles. That's it - just a quick update. Thanks for your time.

Quick note, there are less than a dozen TT-Skull (Gen 2)'s left in stock.

Hi everyone. I've been a bit behind lately trying to take care of Uncle Sam and a few other things I couldn't hold off any more. I will be getting back into the swing of things in a day or two. Got a lot of cool stuff coming. Restock of TT-Choppers, more 1-Offs, and more lanyards plus a new tool in stainless and a few new tools in Ti. Still in stock: TT-Pocket-Edge's and all the TT-Skulls. I do have a bunch of 1-Offs knives left to put handles on also.Thanks for your time.  

Hi everyone. TT-Skulls are still available but dwindling. TT-Pocket-Edge's are available as well, sheathed and a bit more that I need to sharpen and sheath. TT-Chopper restock is getting closer along with a new tool. A couple more new tools after that and some scattered revised older tools, more lanyards and more 1-Offs to come. That's it - just a quick update. Thanks for your time. 

TT-Skull (Gen 1) Non-Cutter style are down to 4 left in stock, other skulls are still available but getting low. New tools on the way along with the TT-Chopper restock. TT-Pocket-Edge's have been restocked and I posted a new lanyard today and I will post a few more later today. 

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. Focusing on pocket tools at the moment. More 1-Offs are a few weeks off. Got some lanyards I'll post this week. Got lots of cool styles I will make but I will do them here and there. That's it for now. Thanks for your time. 

TT-Pocket-Edge's restocked. 

Posted a few new lanyards. Skulls (gen 3) non-cutters are down to 3. Should have TT-Pocket-Edge's restocked by Friday. Choppers, new tools, 1-Offs and other stuff are all coming along. Lost a few days with Storm Nemo, digging out. Thanks for your time. 

Hi Everyone. In the next few days I will be getting more TT-Pocket-Edge's restocked, got a few lanyards still to post that are done, will be getting back to the next few 1-Off's, and working on Choppers and a new tool with two other tool designs ready to go. TT-Skulls are dwindling, the lowest is the Skulls (Gen 3) non-cutter versions with just 5 left. Got some other cool stuff coming as well. Thanks for your time.

Posted a few new lanyards.

Hi everyone. Got a few lanyards I will be posting later or tomorrow. Working on TT-Choppers, some new tools, getting more TT-Pocket-Edges sharpened and sheathed, more 1-Offs, and some prototypes. There is one TT-7 left in stock. Skulls Gen 3 stock is dwindling as well. Have a good one. Thanks for your time.

Got another 1-Off posted.

Got another 1-Off posted - will do the other tomorrow. Back to work. Thanks for your time.

Hi everyone. I finished up the next two 1-Offs but because we lost power for a bit with the latest wind storm the pictures I took under limited lighting didn't come out so well. I will be taking better pics later and get them posted up tonight. These are the next two of a bunch that I made and still have bunch more to be finished up. I am using several different types of materials for handles and made several different styles of blades. I will also get some more lanyards posted this weekend. New pocket tools are progressing nicely as well. Thanks for your time.

Hi everyone. Posted a new lanyard just now, will be adding another later, a few more tomorrow along with a few 1-offs. Got one TT-Pocket-Edge left in stock - have more just need to sharpen and sheath which I will do in a few days. TT-Skulls (gen 1) Non-Cutter are down to just a handful, same with the TT-7's and Skulls (gen 2). That's it for now.

Taking a little longer than I thought with the 1-Offs, should have a few later this week. Got a few more lanyards coming as well. TT-Chopper restock also coming along with a new tool release. A few more new tool designs after that along with other stuff. Still have a few TT-7's and TT-Skulls (gen 2) left but a small amount. TT-Skulls (gen 1 and 3) are still plentiful. TT-Pocket-Edges and one TT-Bottle Stopper also available. Thanks for your time.

Added a lanyard and restocked the TT-Pocket-Edges.

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. I am working on 1-Offs and will have some later this week or early next week. Will be reloading the TT-Pocket-Edge buttons and adding a few lanyards this week as well. The TT-Choppers are still under way, and I have a few other new pocket tools for early this year. TT-7s are getting very low...just a handful remaining. TT-Skulls (gen 2) are getting low as well.
Hope everyone is having a great year so far...thanks for your time.

Hi everyone. I posted a new lanyard and bottle stopper. Still going on 1-Offs...making the handles. Thanks for time.

Posted another 1-Off...sheepsfoot style with a paracord wrapped handle.

Posted a few more lanyards - still going on 1-offs

Just posted another 1-Off custom knife, with a little rock-n-roll attitude.

Good morning. I have posted another 1-Off custom knife...working on more.

I have added a page called "Past Work" because I usually take the product images and descriptions down during restock time or if I don't plan to make it again for a while. I have had people ask why they don't see something that is going to be restocked (like the TT-Chopper for example) or inquire about knives or lanyards I have made in the past. I have arranged the pictures from oldest to newest and broken out into categories.

Moving along on getting handles on the 1-Off custom knives and into some sheaths, moving along on some new tools and the TT-Chopper restock, will be making more lanyards and bottle stoppers. TT-7's are down to a few, TT-Pocket-Edges are still ins stock along with all the skulls. Just a quick update, thanks for your time.

Happy New Year. Thank you to all who donated to St. Jude's for the TT-CPT and TT-DPT knives, you have helped so much.

Posted a TT Knife 1-Off and some more TT-Lanyards. Working on getting the rest of the TT Knives (1-Offs) up and more tools. Have a safe New Year. 

Happy Holidays to everyone

Added a few TT-Lanyards and working on getting some 1-Offs in handles and sheaths. 

I am giving away the remaining TT-CPT2012 and TT-DPT2012. Please see offer on the knives page.

Posted a couple TT-Bottle-Stoppers with Polished Aluminum handles.

Got the 1-Off custom knives back from the laser I just have to finish the handles, sharpen and sheath. Worked a little on some bottle stoppers and working on preparing next tools, restocks etc. Will make some beads in there too.

Posted another batch of TT-Pocket-Edge's with the black kydex sheaths. A lot of people have been asking about when I will re-stock TT-Choppers, I will make more in the beginning of the new year, I would like to try a new steel and maybe a couple out of Damascus. 

Should have some more TT-Pocket-Edge's up tomorrow or the next day with the black sheath. Still have more after that to sharpen and sheath. More Skulls and TT-7's are still available. I hope to get a couple more bottle stoppers out this week and more TT-Lanyards.

Working on more TT-Pocket-Edge's with black sheaths now. Still waiting to get 1-Offs back with new laser marked logo. Will make more lanyards and bottle stoppers soon as well.

New TT-Skulls review from Mike at killerkowalczyk. Check it out here.

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I added a few more TT-Lanyards. I have also created a facebook page here for another way to keep track of things. Check it out if you get a chance. It is my first facebook experience.

Added some TT-Lanyards

TT-Choppers are sold out. I will do another few batches down the road with different material and/or updated features. TT-7's are getting near the end of their run. TT-Skulls (gen 1, 2, & 3) still available, and TT-CPT's, TT-DPT's are also still available. 1-Offs knives out at laser marking place. I will be making some lanyard beads (posting some new ones today) and getting more TT-Pocket-Edge's ready to post. 

Thank you to all who have served and who are currently serving in the armed forces.

TT-Pocket-Edge's with Black sheaths sold out, Orange sheath style still available. I will be sharpening and sheathing more of them with Black Kydex this week so more will be posted next week. 

Posted the TT-Skulls (gen 3) on the Pocket Tools page down past the gen 2's. Will be continuing on the 1-Offs (custom knives) and bouncing in between those, some beads, and sharpening more TT-Pocket-Edge's. After that I plan to move on to some new tool designs. Also, just wanted to remind everyone that I answer all emails so if you ever have any questions, comments or anything at all let me know. I have had lots of great conversations (via email) with lots of great folks so if you have a question about any of the tools, knives or 1-offs, fire away. Thanks. 

Got power back - time to get busy.

Picked up TT-Skulls (gen 3) and 1-Offs (custom knives) today from heat treat. I will get the TT-Skulls ready first and then work on the 1-Offs. I am still without power as of today, but I think it will be soon. I can still do some things just not 100% operation. Also, aside from the CPT & DPT knives, I have updated the Pocket Tool and Knives page to have a link just above the "add to cart" buttons that will take you to a page with paracord options and shipping options (Non-USA and USA tracking). It's easier and better to be able to maintain one page for those items. For all products for here on out I will do the same. Reminder I posted some TT-Pocket-Edge's with orange or black sheaths. Thanks for your time.

I have added another round of TT-Pocket-Edge's with black or orange sheaths. I have also updated the process of adding paracord and/or shipping options. Each product has a link going to a page where you can add paracord lanyards and/or international shipping and USA tracking. Also, new paracord colors are now available.

Survived Hurricane Sandy damage, just loss of power still. May be a few more days for electricity but the post office is open and all recent orders have been shipped. Getting low on the TT-Choppers and TT-Skulls (gen 2). I should be getting the custom knives and TT-Skulls (gen 3) back any day now. I also have some new paracord colors...I will post them later today with another batch of TT-Pocket-Edge's.  

Got Hurricane Sandy coming tomorrow. All prepared but will probably lose power. Anyone who is the path, stay safe.

TT-Skulls (gen 3) and 1-Offs (custom knives) are at heat treat. Now to get some TT-Pocket-Edge's done. 

One more operation, a little deburring and the TT-Skulls (gen 3) are off to heat treat along with the 1-Offs. The 1-Offs put me behind a bit a few weeks back but I am finally catching up. Lots of hours of design, grinding and filing. Anyway, once they are all off to heat treat I will sharpen and sheath a bunch of TT-Pocket-Edge's. I will be adding some new paracord color options, making some new beads from wood, aluminum, corian and some acrylic and making more bottle stoppers.
That's it for now, thanks for your time. 

Still getting the Skulls (gen 3) ready but they are looking good. Had some tools and tooling things to take care of but back on track now.

Finished grinding the bevels on the 1-Offs so I can get them off to heat treat. Next grinding Skulls (gen 3)...then those are off to heat treat as well...should only be a few days. So with everything going according to schedule, I should have some Skulls (gen 3) by late next week or the following week.
TT-Skulls (gen 1 and 2) and TT-7's stock is getting smaller but still enough to go around. TT-Chopper stock is also shrinking though just a handful of the "non-cutter" style are left. I will probably make more Choppers down the road but next up after the Skulls (gen 3) will be some designs that I haven't made yet. That's it for now. Thanks.   

I added some links to a few TT-Chopper reviews on the Pocket Tools page (under the TT-Chopper description)...check them out when you have time.
Otherwise, working on 1-Offs, TT-Skulls (gen 3), lanyards, Pocket-Edges.

Grinding away on 1-Offs then they will be off to heat treat. More Pocket-Edges after that, beads, skulls 3, and more to come. Choppers, skulls 1 and 2, and TT-7's still available but stock is declining. New tools, lanyards, 1-offs, and pocket tools on deck.

TT-Bottle-Stoppers sold. If you would like to see more bottle stoppers please shoot me an email.

Added a few items in the 1-Offs section. They are not knives or pocket tools but a tool with a different purpose. I have been wanting to make these for a while and took a break from grinding a few weeks ago and made these.

TT-Pocket-Edge's sold but more are coming shortly. Want to finish the 1-Off's for heat treat, then back to sharpening and sheathing the Pocket-Edge's. Added a new lanyard with a stainless steel inner tube for a little more weight.

Posted more TT-Pocket-Edge's with black Kydex sheaths this time.

Still working on getting some TT-Pocket-Edge's ready, working on more 1-Offs, Lanyards and other stuff. I should have the next batch of Pocket-Edge's this weekend or early next week.

First wave of TT-Pocket-Edge's sold out - I am getting more ready now...will be up in a few days. Thank you.

Posted some TT-Pocket-Edge's.

Working on getting some TT-Pocket-Edges posted soon. Posted a few TT-lanyards today. Making some other fun stuff...Skulls (gen 3) are moving along. 1-Offs pushed back a few days to work on other tools but they are pretty close anyway. Added some pics to the "In-Action" page as well with a TT-7-10 Mod.

I had a chance to work on some TT-Pocket-Edges this weekend and I should be able to get the first wave up on the site this week. Made a few TT-Lanyards which I also will post this week. I will work on some more TT-Pocket-Edges, then get back to the 1-Offs to get those done. I am also getting started on the TT-Skulls (Gen 3)...with a bottle opener. That's it for now - thanks for your time.

File work done on the 1-Offs and now to handles. Before that I might get a few TT-Pocket-Edges done first then jump back to the 1-Offs and then back to more of the Pocket-Edges.

Just about done with the 1-Offs file work, then finalize the types and styles of handles for each one and get them off to heat treat. 

Still working on the 1-Offs but moving right along. My plan is the same still, get the 1-Offs done and off to heat treat then onto finishing the TT-Pocket-Edges.

Was playing around with carving and made a couple TT-Lanyards. It was fun - will make more. One-Offs are still moving along well. When I get those off to heat treat I will switch gears back to getting the TT-Pocket-Edges finished.

Hi all. Been working on the new batch of 1-Offs with new styles and features. Going to sharpen and sheath the TT-Pocket-Edges for a change of pace in a few days. Also going to make some beads. Choppers, TT-7s, Skulls (gen 1 and 2), and a few TT-CPT's and TT-DPT's are all still available. TT-Skulls (Gen 3) on deck for new tools along with others.  

TT-Pocket-Edges bead blasted...sheathing and sharpening next.

TT-Choppers back in stock

Got the tools back from heat treat, bead blasting them today and I should be able to get updated pics and buy buttons on the site for tonight...for the TT-Choppers. TT-Pocket-Edges are next to get blasted, sharpened and sheathed. I am working on a bunch of the 1-Offs as well, new styles and looks. After that...TT-Skulls (gen 3), more 1-Offs, more beads...  

Out at heat treat. Getting close now. I will most likely be bead blasting this batch of TT-Choppers and TT-Pocket-Edges for a change of pace. 

Okay, got the TT-Choppers and TT-Pocket-Edges to the point of tumbling and stamping then off to heat treat. I should be able to get the TT-Choppers ready in a week from today - that's what I'm trying for anyway. The TT-Pocket-Edges will take longer to sharpen and sheath of course. Just a quick update.

Someone alerted me to a dead link problem (thanks for the heads up). It was the products page - some time ago I renamed it to Pocket Tools. I have fixed it. Choppers and Pocket-Edges are looking like another couple days to finish then to heat treat...Getting closer. Have a nice weekend.

Sold out of Black Widow paracord for the skulls...plenty of other colors. Getting low on the TT-Skull Gen 1 & 2 without box cutter. Choppers and Pocket-Edges moving along as well as the 1-Offs. Trying some new styles and designs with the knives. I've been getting the itch to make some beads soon as well. After the Choppers, Pocket-Edges and 1-Offs I will get the Skull (gen 3) done and some others.

Getting close with the Choppers and Pocket-Edges. I am also underway on a new batch of 1-Offs.

TT-Capper (Ti) sold out. I will do a revision on those and make a batch with different material down the road.

Hi all. Working away on the rest of the TT-Choppers...they're pretty close to being complete. Got one more TT-Capper (Ti) in stock and it will be the last in Ti. I will do another run down the road but out of 154 most likely. Got more tools and 1-Offs coming.

Added the buttons for the TT-Skulls and TT-Choppers. Lots of Skulls and a few Choppers but more Choppers are very close behind.

Working on updating the site for TT-Choppers and TT-Skulls. TT-Cappers and TT-7's are still available but are getting lower in case you were interested. Gonna be a hot weekend, I'll be using my TT-Capper a few times for sure. Have a good one and thanks for visiting.

TT-Skulls (gen 1 & 2) and a couple TT-Choppers (rev B)...(more coming) are looking good for posting tomorrow...might be tomorrow night but I'll be working hard to get them ready. These are S30V tools again. Though I might go back to the 154CM, I'll see how the S30V polishes up. Last time I did the TT-Choppers I bead blasted them...this time I am polishing them.

Gonna change it up a bit with multiple paracord options on the next round of pocket tools. You will be able to choose what you want from what I have, while supplies last...or you can opt to not have paracord if you don't prefer it.

Will be trying to get the TT-Skulls (gen 1 & 2) up on the site by the Friday or Monday along with a small batch of TT-Choppers (followed by a bigger batch right behind it).

I will let the sale run until late tonight.

**Price Reduction** I've decided to drop the prices on the remaining CPT and DPT knives for a limited may be a day or two or longer if I forget to change the prices back. I want them in the hands of people who can use them and not on my shelf. I dropped the price significantly. Again, its for a limited time so if you wanted one but the price was not what you wanted to pay, take another look. These are S30V stainless, heat treated knives and very sharp. They are a lot more comfortable then they look to hold and even if you don't use the box wrenches it's still a large, kick-ass knife. That's it - thanks for your time. 

Hi all. Couple of TT-Cappers still available...the last of the Ti Cappers. I may do them again but not in Ti. TT-7's are getting down there and again, those I will not run again. I have the TT-Skulls (gen 2) done and I am working on the TT-Skulls (gen 1) which are almost done and then I have a few operations left on the TT-Choppers. The TT-Pocket-Edge's will follow later in the summer along with TT-Skulls (gen 3). Trying to keep everything moving but the summer is so hard to keep a steady pace. Anyway, just an update. Thanks for your time.

Re-loaded TT-Capper button

Posted TT-Cappers

TT-LBT's sold out. TT-7's moving along but still available. TT-Cappers are next up. Also the TT-Skull (gen 3) will be out with the TT-1910's later in the summer.

Trying to get the TT-Cappers up next week. They are my first Ti tool. Working on Choppers, Skulls, Pocket-Edges. 1-Offs and TT-1910s to follow. There are about a 1/2 dozen LBTs left and TT-7 quantities are getting lower. That's it for now. 

TT-7-10 sold out. TT-LBTs are getting low also. TT-Choppers, TT-Pocket-Edges, TT-Skulls (gen 1 and 2), and TT-Cappers on the way long with the TT-1910, more 1-Offs knives, and TT-Lanyards.

Tony over at Everyday Commentary has posted a review on the TT-7. You can comment and possibly win one for free. Check it out here.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend

Put up the last two of the 1-offs knives this morning...#13 is still available. Working on TT-Choppers, Pocket-Edges, Skulls (Gen 1 and 2), and a couple of new tools still...hopefully I will still meet my release date of early summer. There are still a coupe of TT-7's, TT-7-10's, and TT-LBT's in case you want to drop ideas for Fathers Day to anyone. The LBT's and TT-7's will not be restocked.

Seems like the days are flying by. Finally finished the 1-Offs knives that I have been working on. I will start posting them either today or tomorrow. Thanks for your patients. Have a great weekend.

Been a little behind on getting the 1-Offs up on the site. I will get some up this week. Thanks for being patient. I am working hard on hitting my target of "early summer" for a new round of TT-Choppers, TT-Pocket-Edges, and TT-Skulls (Gen 1 & 2). TT-Skulls (Gen 3), and other new tools to follow, along with TT-Layards and then more 1-Offs.

TT-Skulls sold out - more in a few weeks.

TT-Skull (without box cutter) sold out - couple of TT-Skulls (with box cutter) left

Reloaded the TT-Skull buttons with the rest of the batch that I had.

TT-Skull (gen 3) design and prototype done...this one will have a bottle opener and the same features.

Just a little update. There are about 1/2 dozen TT-Lanyards left and I will be getting to a new round of those pretty soon. TT-LBTs (may not restock), TT-7-10s are getting low and the TT-CPT0212 and TT-DPT0212 are still available for those looking for a larger knife. The TT-Choppers, TT-Pocket-Edges, TT-Skulls (gen 1 and 2) are coming along. Early next week I will put the rest of the skulls up that I have been holding. Tool development, making a prototype of the 1910 inspired tool and making something new out of Ti. 1-Off knives are almost done, taking a little longer than I planned...just some final fitting and sheathing. That's it for now. Have a good one.

TT-Skulls sold (both styles)...again I have a few more to release soon.

TT-Skulls (w/o box cutter) are sold. I have a few more but I will hold them for a few days. TT-Skulls (with box cutter), I have less than a half dozen left. That's it for now.

After counting again I have a few more TT-Skulls (w/o box cutter) and a few more of the TT-Skull (with cutter) are also still available. I am holding a few of each tool until I think enough time has passed and no ones tool got lost in the mail, then I will release them.
I have been asked a few times to do a run of the Gen 1 skulls so I will try to do those along Gen 2's, Choppers and Pocket-Edges.
As far as 1-Off knives, I am finishing them up now, should have a few up by next week. I will have a few with paracord handles, a few with Kydex handles and a few with wood handles...that's the order that will be pop up on the site.
In pocket tools development, I finished a design on a new tool inspired by a tool I found in my grandfathers garage made in 1910. That should be appearing in a few months. Not enough hours in the day.
Thanks to all again for the emails and support. 

TT-Skulls (without box cutter) sold out for now...more are coming. There a handful of TT-Skulls (with box cutter) left. I am moving forward on the TT-Choppers and TT-Pocket-Edges. I will do another batch of TT-Skulls too while I am at it. 1-Offs knives will be next. I'm also working on bringing some other tool designs to life.

Buffing, taking pics, making cards, tying lanyards...trying to get everything ready for Thursday.

It looks like I have to wait for a few more days from heat treat. I will have them Monday. I will have them up on the site a few days after that. Just a reminder, there are some more lanyards, Clip Point and Drop Point knives still available. 

Posted some TT-Lanyards

Got the next batch of tools and 1-off knives ready for heat treat, finally. I should get them back end of the week. I will put up some TT-Lanyards next and continue moving on the restock of TT-Chopper's and TT-Pocket-Edge's.

I still have some TT-Lanyard's to put up on the site but I got a little behind trying to get a bunch of stuff done at once. I have all of the 4 new pocket tools ready for heat treat but due to Easter I will bring them in early next week. I will have them back by the end of next week and I will get them ready for the site. So early next week I will post the TT-Lanyard's.
Also I have started the restock of the TT-Chopper and TT-Pocket-Edge, they should be ready by early summer as I have been planning.
Between the upcoming release of the 4 new pocket tools and the restock of pocket tools I will have a small batch of 1-off knives to put up. They are all under 6" OAL, 2-1/2" ish blade lengths and will have different handle materials. I've been itching to try some file work on the spines so that was the theme to the next batch of 1-off knives.
That's it for now. Happy Easter.

Working on getting some new TT-Lanyard's done for this week...a few bronze ones in the mix this time. I should have the TT-Skulls (Gen 2), TT-Seven's, and TT-Seven-Ten's ready for heat treat next week. Also, I've got a few more 1-Off's taking shape.

James over at Everydaycarryblog who did a youtube review of the TT-Keeper is having a giveaway for two TT-Keepers.

TT-Keepers are gone. Got some TT-Lanyards, TT-CPT0212 and TT-DPT0212 still hanging around.

James over at EDC Forums reviewed the TT-Keeper here on the forum and here on youtube.

Pluggin' away at new pocket tools. Got the next generation TT-Skull coming along with a few new ones...the TT-Seven and the TT-Seven-Ten. In the meantime I have a few Lanyards left and some TT-Keepers. More custom 1-Off knives coming too. Then the restock of TT-Choppers, TT-Pocket-Edge, maybe the TT-Flame-Edge and more. 

Just added some lanyards - added some greenish ones for St Patricks Day

Added the buy buttons for the TT-DPT0212.

TT-Simples are sold out.

Added the buy buttons for the TT-CPT0212.

Added pics and descriptions of the TT-CPT0212 and the TT-DPT0212 knife/tools on the knives page. Also added some 1-Off tool pics and info.