Everyday Carry (EDC) Keychain Pen - Made In America



In case you missed our kickstarter campaign on the EDC keychain pen, you can now purchase one here...see below. 


Order your EDC Keychain pen in just a few simple clicks, see below. Or, if you already own a pen and need a replacement or spare ink*, you can do that here as well.

*Spare/Replacement Ink Kit includes ink and o-rings


Price for one pen is $45 $25 and an optional spare ink kit is $6. Shipping prices are in the drop down below. 



  • For new pen order, all steps (1, 2, & 3) must be selected to avoid any late or cancelled orders.

  • For Spare ink ONLY orders, steps 2 & 3 must be selected to avoid any late or cancelled orders.

  • Be sure to click "Add to Cart" for each selection.

     Contact us with any questions. 


Step 1
Pen Material:
Included Ink Color:

Step 2

(This is where current pen owners can buy a replacement ink)

Spare/Replacement Ink Color:

Step 3

Shipping Options:

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