"I would like to acknowledge the receipt of the TT-Chopper. I was very impressed by this thoughtful functional design and beautifully sculpted aesthetics: despite its diminutive size, the chopper definitely excels at all the tasks it is supposed to perform, thanks to the great materials and excellent ergonomics. Unparalleled versatility in such a tiny package!"
---Ilya -from USA

"Best pocket tool I have had. I use it multiple times a day, every day. The tiny edge works great for opening mail. Having the bottle opener also able to grip a 1/4" bit is a real plus and avoids the dreaded bottle opener profile. Exceptional value."
---Greg -from USA

"Received my Chopper and it's awesome! Customer Service couldn't be better! So glad I discovered TT PockeTTools!"
---David -from USA 

"Hi - just confirming safe receipt of the Chopper tool. Bloody marvelous item, first-class, absolutely delighted!"
---Dave -from United Kingdom 

"I received my TT-Chopper this morning and I couldn't be more pleased. You have provided a great service and a premium product and you have assured that I'll be a return customer. I wish had this device years ago. It would have saved countless knife tips (and opened a few bottles). Thank you very much for your service."
---Nathan -from Australia

"Just received my order.  The pocket tool is better than expected.  Thanks for the great product and quick service."
---Harry -from USA

"Just wanted to let you know that I've been carrying my TT Chopper for a few days, and I love this little tool! I'm impressed with the craftsmanship! Keep up the good work!
---John -from USA

"I received my First Generation Skull on Monday. I love it. Convenient size and really sturdy. Thank you."
---Joe -from Canada 

"You know, I am "knife addict" and I have almost 36 knives now in my collection. Most of them are hand-made. This one will be one of the most original and particular."
---F - from France (talking about a 1-Off custom knife)

"I saw Everyday Commentary's review of your Zombie tool and ordered it on the spot. I was pleasantly surprised both by the very reasonable price as well as the extremely fast shipping (I received the tool a mere two days after ordering!) And of course, the tool itself is awesome, although I haven't put it through its paces yet :). I love the form factor, it's much better suited for a keychain than Gerber's Shard."
---Josh -from USA

"A lovely tool. So useful in size and shape. Just the thing for EDC."
---Pauls comments on his new TT-Chopper
"I received my Damascus Pocket Chopper in the mail this morning, all I have to say is BEAUTIFUL piece.  I can’t set it down. Thanks."

"Damascus TT Chopper. One of the best opmts on the planet"
---Everyday Commentary (review for TT-Chopper) 

"Love these skull tools. All the guys in my unit want mine! I put my previously purchased skull tool on the end of my knife lanyard. It helps me from using my knife for prying. Thank you for making an awesome tool!"
---SSgt Charles Long, USAF

"...thanks for being a great online business man, you are prompt with replies and have your customers best interest in mind,  A breath of fresh air in today's impersonal online world."

"I bought your TT Pocket-edge and have had a lot of positive comments. Great design. I like all your tools and will have to purchase each at some time. Thanks"

"The Chopper has already replaced my Leatherman Micra as my go-to tool for everyday stuff like box and bottle opening."

"Received the skull tools yesterday, they're Awesome! Really great work. Functional and cool."

"I am interested in any products and updates I currently own the chopper tool and love it. Gave my daughter the skull tool which now hangs on her purse. :-)"

"Hi! I just placed the order. I will probably be ordering another Zombie or 2. I showed a couple coworkers and that's why 3. My girlfriend may "confiscate" mine like she's done in the past...You make some very cool and useful gadgets!"
"I just received one your little Chopper pocket tools and it's quite fantastic."

"The tools arrived today, and they're awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing what your new designs look like - I suspect that some additional pocket tools will be in my future. Thanks"
---Matthew (link to his review) 

 "I just got it today, and that little tool IS a "keeper". It was My first pocket tool but My Dad's birthday is coming soon. So, I just ordered 2 more,  just so I'll have a couple of these things. Very nice work!"

"I just received the TT-Chopper that I recently ordered from you and want to thank you for making such a beautiful, useful and well-crafted tool: a little gem! Best regards and looking forward to your future creations."

"Got the tools today, I must say the they are perfect size for EDC and excellent craftsmanship.  Some others make them too big, probably more for display purposes.  I look forward to carrying and using them.  Thanks for selling them @ a good price as well..."

"I love my Chopper. In fact I am so impressed with it that I ordered one for my father, wife and son. Christopher (my son who is 6 years old) thought it was very cool. I figured now is the time to get him started down the path to quality tools. The next time I deploy my Chopper is at the top of my packing list! I hope the New Year brings you the best in both your personal and business endeavors."

"Ordered on Thursday and it is in my hot little hands today. CT to UT in just a few days--Wow! Anyway, the tool is sweet and I appreciate you shipping so quickly. I am excited to see your new offerings!"

“I am very pleased with both items I ordered and received very promptly I may add. The craftsmanship is simply terrific. I was originally going to carry one on a key chain and the other on a zipper pull on a Maxpedition type pouch however these are far too stunning so I have to wear them on a stainless steel ball chain like jewelry.  Thank you for such fun and useful tools and many blessings to you.”

"That's a great little gadget, with an awesome finish on the Damascus!  I appreciate the ball chain and sticker as well." 

"The damascus Chopper arrived today and it is a beauty.  This is my first chopper and I'm impressed with the design.  I'm going to do a review on my YouTube channel once I give it a little pocket time."

"Received today, Todd.  Wow, this little gem's a real beauty!  Nice work! Thanks much - I'm off to find something to take apart..."
---anonymous from a Damascus Chopper customer

"Hey Todd - Damascus Choppers arrived in San Jose today. They're perfect , man. I tell you what, it's gonna be hard to deploy this bad boy because I want to keep it pristine. I know I need to get over that! Thanks again,  

"Mail call! Just opened the Damascus Chopper - wow! Tough, compact piece & the material & finish is unbelievable." 

"Got it and Love it!!! Thanks"

"Got the choppers yesterday. They came out nice. Thanks for the quick delivery."
---Wally from California

"The 1/4" TT arrived AOK. Thanks for your efforts with this. It IS just a [insert any expletive desired] awesome piece. Excellent crisp machining and nicely finished. I'm certainly looking forward to next time."

"The tool arrived safely this morning.  It's great!"
---Cheers SRC

"Just received my TT Chopper yesterday, and I must say this is a superior product! I can't wait for titanium versions to come out, I will definitely order one as long as the prices stay reasonable."